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‘Wi-fi refugees’ living in West Virginia mountains

Bob Park is a physics professor at the University of Maryland, he said: many people suffer technological ‘ignorance’. Also he says that the radiation emitted by wi-fi is simply too weak to cause the type of changes in the body’s chemistry that … Continue reading

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Mobiles can give you a tumour, said talian court

For the Italian Supreme Court is already a fact that prolonged use of mobile phones can cause cancer. This was just confirmed the highest Italian court in a landmark judgment and that features a former manager, who spent six hours … Continue reading

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Last Interphone study says: confirmed increased risk of brain tumors with radio frequency exposure

It is turning out not to be a good year for mobile phone users and for the naysayers who are trying to convince everyone that mobile phones are safe. The long-awaited Cardis study, published January 2, 2012 in Occupational and … Continue reading

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First Town Free of Electromagnetic Radiation Unanimously Approved in Spain

In Olvera, a beautiful town of Cadiz, the Councillor for the Environment, James Steward, confirmed that the full City Council unanimously approved to declare the town a Electromagnetic Pollution-Free Municipality. Importantly, with the unanimity of the United Left party, but … Continue reading

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How does long term exposure to base stations and mobile phones affect human 3 hormone profiles?

Last one study is concerned with assessing the role of exposure to radio frequency radiation (RFR) emitted either from mobiles or base stations and its relations with human’s hormone profiles. Design and methods: All volunteers’ samples were collected for hormonal … Continue reading